International Cultural Friendship Exchange between Chung Ai Photographic Society and Inland Empire Chapter PSA continues for the 9th year.

Eleven PSA members extended our Canada visit, October 18 & 19, after attending the APAC seminars, to enjoy two days of photography guidance by Chung Ai members. We received individualized information as we toured Van Dusen Garden, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Garden, the 3rd largest Chinatown in North America, Richmond Oval 2010 Winter Olympics facility, and the Reifel Bird Sanctuary.

CAPA President Allen Bargen also honored us with his additional knowledge. Past-Chair of Inland Empire Chapter PSA, Steve Shining, presented a sand-blasted glass emblem of “The Palouse” farming country which PSA members have guided Chung Ai members through during the last 9 years, to Clifford Chow, Chung Ai President, at a festive gourmet Chinese dinner attended by 28 Chung Ai members & CAPA President, Allen Bargen. 35th Anniversary Chung Ai photo books were gifted to each PSA family.

Our photographic dreams were fulfilled when an estimated 10,000 Lesser Snow Geese landed in a field directly in front of us at Reifel Bird Sanctuary, for a climactic finale of Photo Opportunities. We feel richer for the friendship of the Chung Ai members, and wiser for their counsel. We especially thank J.T. Tse for coordinating our 9 years of International Cultural Friendship Exchanges.

We admire the respect shown for their long-time leadership: Master Chui Yen Lau, his artistic wife Kew Fun Lau, and for Chinese Benevolent Association of Vancouver Secretary, John K. C. Wong. The vitality, enthusiasm & creative genius of Clifford Chow, President, and other young members of Chung Ai is contagious.

This International Cultural Friendship Exchange began in October 2001 when Chung Ai organized a “West and East” slide show in the Vancouver, B.C. Public Library. “West” was presented by Spokane PSA member, Dr. Otto Stevens “The Palouse – Jewel of the Inland Northwest.” “East” was presented by 8 Chung Ai members who had been invited by the People’s Republic of China to photograph the Qinghai Province of China to encourage tourism. Invitations to the public were extended by John Wong, President, Chung Ai Photographic Society.

The Qinghai Province photography coordinated with authentic Chinese music was so beautiful that the Inland Empire Chapter PSA invited them to show their program twice, free to the public at Spokane Falls Community College in May of 2002. PSA Chapter members then guided our 25 Chung Ai guests through “The Palouse” farming country south of Spokane for 2 days. Chung Ai invited our PSA Chapter to Vancouver, B.C. in October 2002 to judge their images of “The Palouse” and then guided us to some of their favorite photo opportunities in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

We have maintained continual E-mail contact and Inland Empire Chapter PSA invited J.T. Tse to present the program, “Mystic India” for the annual PSA Chapter meeting in October 2009. PSA Chapter members then guided our Canadian guests to our most outstanding and unique Palouse photo opportunities for 2 days.

The melding of East & West philosophies, North & South of the friendliest border in the world, with generous sharing of our favorite photo opportunities has created a bond of friendship which reinforces our personal beliefs that “we like every Canadian that we have ever met.”

Dr. Otto O. Stevens, Secretary, Inland Empire Chapter PSA

7110 North “G” Street; Spokane, WA 99208. (509) 327-8954.